CRL Quartz Worktop Colours You Must Look For In 2019

Check out the trendiest CRL quartz colours for 2019. These gorgeous worktop colours are likely to leave you amazed and help you create your dream kitchen with an envious finish.

Homeowners who wish to add aesthetics of granite or marble to their home without any hassle of maintaining or cleaning the worktop surfaces, CRL quartz countertops are the best option.

Another good thing about this worktop material is that some amazing new colours are added to this collection in 2019. The latest colours included in the worktop collection by CRL are influen ced by concrete, marble and limestone. So, without further ado, let’s find out the new colours from CRL quartz worktop range 2019:

1. CRL Verona:

Boasting grey veins on a white surface, CRL Verona creates a unique design with its random patterns. Since it resembles White Carrara marble, it is one of the most popular worktop materials without a doubt.

2. CRL Calacatta:

CRL Calacatta features striking veining pattern all across its surface. It mimics the famous classic Calacatta marble. But unlike marble, you don’t have to put in extra efforts for its cleaning and maintenance. It would be a great addition to your kitchen islands, worktops, flooring, backsplashes and showers.

3. CRL Antonella:

CRL Antonella is another gorgeous quartz worktop that provides various design combinations to homeowners. It is likely to add unique ambience and warmth to an interior, making it feel calm and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

4. CRL River White:

Displaying cream white surface with spots and grains scattered all across the slab, CRL River White is a perfect reinterpretation of granite worktops. Each slab is intended to offer a practical solution to a busy urban lifestyle.

5. CRL Montana Gris:

Dressed in light grey and unique swirly patterns, the CRL Montana Gris quartz mimics a gorgeous granite surface. It is sure to give a luxurious feel to your cooking area.

6. CRL Pura White:

The light coloured CRL Pura White also bears an undyed look of natural stone, but without any flaws of porous materials. It is a non-porous worktop with superior performance and low maintenance.

7. CRL White Water:

A good alternative to White Carrara marble is the brand new CRL White Water quartz. With its off-white surface and grey veining effect, it would add an exquisite twist to the design of your kitchen slab.

8. CRL Vicenza:

Evoking the beauty of classic marble, CRL Vicenza is the result of the finest natural stone and high-end technology. It boasts a white backdrop with grey veins, which are perfect to add a marble-like effect to any interior.

9. CRL White Carrara:

As the name indicates, CRL White Carrara resembles the stunning Bianco Carrara marble – a famous Italian marble. CRL Carrara is available in stunning opaque white hue compared to its counterpart Verona.

10. CRL Statuario Bianco:

With an effortless blend of grey veining on the off-white surface, CRL Statuario Bianco quartz surface is ideal for creating eclectic kitchens. This product is likely to become your instant favourite due to its natural appearance and bold veining pattern.