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Learn all about the Different types of Neolith Estatuario and Neolith Calacatta Colours

Natural stones like marble have been used since ancient times for its beauty. But with the advancements in solid surface manufacturing technologies, there are now materials like sintered porcelain with significantly improved technical capabilities. Neolith, one of the most reputed sintered porcelain brands in the world, now offers an extensive range of surface options that look like natural stones such as the popular Statuario and Calacatta marbles but have advanced technical properties. If you are looking for a surface material with the breath-taking beauty of marble but with better physical characteristics, these offerings from Neolith are sure to impress you. But before you start browsing through the extensive range of products offered by Neolith, here are a few important things that you should know about them.

  1. Every model is different to customize your room

While the Neolith Estatuario offerings like E01, E01R, E04, E04R, E05, and E05R and the Neolith Calacatta models like C01 and C01R might look similar at first, look carefully and see that every model is different than the other. The veins run differently on each of the models to help buyers select materials which would enable them to create unique spaces.

Neolith Estatuario

  1. Book matching made easier

All the Estatuario and Calacatta models from Neolith that feature the alphabet ‘R’ in their name have their veins moving from left to the right side of the surface while the ones without ‘R’ has their veins going from right to left. So, if you were to compare E01 with E01R, you’ll see that both the models are exact mirror images of each other. One of the most important reasons for offering such variants is to help buyers achieve book match effects where the adjoining surfaces mirror one another and appear like an opened book.

Neolith Clas stone

  1. Finish options

Neolith Estatuario is available in two different finishes- polished and silk. While the polished finish features unmatchable high-gloss, the silk finish is not as glossy and is looks more matte, whilst feeling velvety at touch. Similarly, Neolith Calacatta too is available in these two finishes to help you easily match the sintered porcelain surfaces with other elements of the home and create a themed appearance.

Neolith Colours

  1. Selecting the correct type of edge profile for your design

Both Neolith Estatuario and Neolith Calacatta countertops can be installed in a selection of many different edge profiles including pencil, bevelled, mitred, and double chamfered, amongst many others. While a chamfered or bevelled edge is generally preferred for contemporary spaces with a minimalistic appeal, the pencil and mitered edges are preferred for creating chunky worktops and book match effect splashbacks, which is ideal for focal areas in spaces that may include kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

  1. Picking a Neolith model

When it comes to selecting the right Neolith model for your home and office requires you to consider a host of factors like the application, installation, edge profile, colour, finish, cost, and more, most of the buyers generally rely on the expertise of reputed solid surface providers. You too can look for one such top supplier of Neolith surfaces in the UK to get the correct information and ideas to create a unique space.


The beauty of natural marble along with superior physical characteristics, make Neolith a perfect brand for purchasing a sturdy and long-lasting surface material for countertops, splashbacks or floorings. With offerings such as Calacatta and Estatuario in so many different models and book matching effects, you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your requirements and budget.