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Everything you wanted to know about Superwhite quartzite

A well-matched and well-maintained worktop can add a dash of elegance to the look of most kitchens. Furthermore, if the worktop is durable and strong, it can keep you free from hassles of getting cracks and dents repaired frequently. One such wonderful option for your kitchen is the Superwhite quartzite worktop. Does the name sound new when thinking of natural stones such as granite or marble?

Superwhite Quartzite Superwhite Quartzite

Well! Here’s some information about it. 1. Color and surface – Quartzite worktops have a mixture of grey and white in terms of colors. The surface appearance is similar to an aerial view of the icy, Arctic ocean. Having said this, there are more rare, multicolored quartzite variations available also. 2. Geological Details – Quartzite is a natural stone and is different from engineered quartz which is man-made. It is non-foliated and a tough metamorphic rock and has a significant amount of natural quartz (mineral). Quartzite is a result of sandstone changed into the said material due to extreme heat and pressure underground. The glass finish of quartzite is also because of this geological process. 3. Varieties – Worktops made using Superwhite quartzite and its whitish gray variant are the most commonly sought after types. You can also choose colored quartzite, a type of quartzite which has hints of color because of mineral impurities. Some colored quartzite is a little bit softer than their white counterparts. And others may be even harder than the Superwhite type quartzite. Green, pink, brown, pale yellow and azure are some of the commonly found color speckles on quartzite surfaces. 4. Properties – Though, it looks like a distant cousin of marble; quartzite is much more stronger than it. You can get an idea about its strength from the fact that it is the third strongest stone on earth. Worktops manufactured using 100% pure quartzite can be prone to etching due to water or acidic substances which is why these are sealed during its installation. Getting quartzite worktops sealed annually after installation, can prolong their appearance as well as durability. 5. Maintenance tips - To keep quartzite worktops free of wear and tear, follow the tips given below: • Clean the surface of the worktop immediately, in case something has got spilled over the same. • Do not use cleaners with harsh chemicals. Instead, use a damp cloth for regular cleaning. For stains which are hard to remove, use a PH-neutral cleaner. • Use a cutting board while cutting veggies of fruits. • Do not keep extremely hot utensils directly on the surface of the worktop. Looking to purchase a quartzite worktop in London? Click on https://mykitchenworktop.co.uk/contact-us