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How to Create the most amazing Laundry and Utility Room with Marble

Today's main-floor utility and laundry rooms are both sophisticated and practical when compared to some of the basement accommodations of past years. Only a bit of styling and the right materials are needed, to take even a simple laundry room up-a-notch.

Styling up a laundry and utility room is also important to make your home sumptuous and organized. The laundry room doesn’t have to be unappealing and filled up with dirty linen. Though this room is designed specifically for cleaning clothes, there is no need to make it seem so obvious.

With a little effort in designing and choosing the right worktop and flooring material, you can simply make your utility and laundry rooms stylish just like the rest of the rooms in your flat or house.

How’s that possible? Well, by choosing a beautiful natural material such as Carrara marble for the worktops or flooring. Marble is a stunning material that can transform the appearance of even a dull room with its aesthetics. In addition, natural marble worktops and floors are long-lasting and easy to maintain. The stone has been used for centuries by mankind and it has never failed to impress. Today, it is present in high-end hotels and restaurants, and in offices around town. White marble is a timeless material that will never fade with the passage of time.

Carrara marble

Here are some essential elements that you require for an outstanding yet functional laundry room:

1. Storage Seat

The storage seat is a handy landing spot that can be fitted near the entry to make it convenient for anyone to drop their unwashed clothes in it. Try to make it appear like a bench with a dual-purpose lid, which can be opened for dropping the dirty clothes inside. In addition to that, it can also serve the purpose of accommodating people when they are waiting for their laundry to be done. 

2. Marble

You can choose classic Calacatta marble with natural white and gold veining on the surface. It looks absolutely stunning for making worktops or flooring. It is perfect for enhancing even a utilitarian room. Many interior designers match Calacatta marble kitchen worktops with more Calacatta utility room surfaces. They used book matched Calacatta Gold marble to create original and innovative designs. Having both the utility room in matching marble is a sophisticated proposition that takes the status of both spaces to a different level.

Calacatta marble

Similarly, Statuario marble is a great addition to any room. It also has a white background with grey veining that adds up more to its appearance. In contrast with Calacatta, white Statuario marble lacks the golden hints on its veins. For this reason, it is best suited for monochromatic designs and classic interiors. In the same fashion as Calacatta, Statuario marble offers bold veins and totally stunning aesthetics.

When installed, this marble totally enhances the whole interior.

Statuario marble

3. Colonial-Style Pulls

For cabinets in the laundry room, try to pick the stylish antiqued colonial-style brass pulls for giving a nice contrast to the white marble worktops or flooring. You can even install a marble splashback near cabinets or the sink area. White marble is very versatile which lends to its popular appeal. In recent years, classic kitchens as well as farm houses display White Carrara marble in combination with cabinets in pastel colours or navy blue.

4. Stellar Light

A star tin and glass fixture can provide a funky touch to the laundry room while adding up the unique charm to the interior style.

5. Flooring

Install marble tiles, such as Bianco Carrara marble, as they are ideal for upgrading a classic a floor with black or dark grey marble tiles. The tiles are also easier to install and more budget-friendly than in slab formats.

Bianco Carrara marble

6. Paint Palette

For the more durable finish on the cabinets, try using a tinted primer that goes well with the style and colour scheme of the interior. There are endless paint options to choose from. But stick to the selected theme of the interior of your entire house.

7. Woven Baskets

Keep woven baskets on open shelves to add an interesting contrast to the shiny marble tiles while storing laundry.