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Interesting Facts about Composite Worktops


Thinking of choosing composite worktops for your kitchen? Look at some of the interesting facts about composite worktops that would help you make a wise and informed decision.

Kitchen worktops have come a long way in terms of the choice of materials, colours and designs. One such worktop design that is slowly becoming a favourite among interior architects and designers is the composite kitchen worktop. Made of either engineered quartz-based composites bonded with special resins, ceramic or porcelains, composite kitchen worktops have manifold benefits over other types of materials such as wood, steel or laminate.

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Benefit 1: Price Is Inversely Proportional To The Quality

Composite materials starting prices are usually lower than other high-end kitchen worktop products. However, the price of these materials is inversely proportional to their quality. Even though they are manufactured by less precious materials, composite worktops offer the same strength and durability as countertops made from natural materials such as granite. When it comes to kitchen worktop prices, these vary immensely. For natural materials such as marble, quartzite or granite, prices are related to the availability (or scarcity) of the stone and transport costs (i.e. sourcing local stone vs sourcing an exotic stone from another continent). When it comes to composite materials, kitchen worktop prices will vary according to the quality (i.e. Amount of pure quartz stone in the worktop), additives (i.e. Mirror pieces, marble, glass, etc) and type technology employed to manufacture the surface (Advanced technologies result in products with realistic looks of marble, wood, etc whilst offering superior performance.

Benefit 2: Available In A Wide Range Of Colours And Styles

Also called engineered worktops, composite worktops are man-made and thus, can be made to order in a wide range of compositions. This allows this versatile kitchen worktop material to be available in a wide range of colours and styles. Composite kitchen worktops can also be customized according to individual preferences and can be given different finishes to suit different kitchen profiles. Sans any natural variations available in materials, such as granite, the veining can be controlled in composites to minimize any visible joints whilst providing a natural look.

Benefit 3: Extremely Strong And Durable

Composite kitchen worktops are very strong, hard and durable. Even though kitchen worktop prices vary according to type of material, composite worktops make a great investment. They are highly resistant to liquid spills and even acids. This resistance is due to the chemical process that takes place inside the worktop; owing to the high-quality resin, which is added to the quartz in the composite material. The resultant worktop becomes a highly non-porous surface, which is very easy to clean and maintain. As a result, composite worktops require practically not maintenance. In fact, these surfaces require nothing but some soap and warm water to be cleaned effectively. A mild scrubbing is enough for hard to remove stains.

Benefit 4: Resistant To Bacterial Infections

Composite worktops are non-porous. This property of worktops makes them very hygienic as well. Being non-porous, they possess antibacterial properties that leave little to no space for bacterial infections to invade your kitchen, thereby keeping the worktop, as well as the surrounding area, hygienic and healthy in the long run. Similarly, composite worktop materials are very popular in other areas such as bathrooms and saunas, for its uniquely hygienic properties.

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Benefit 5: Easy To Repair

One of the greatest benefits of composite kitchen worktops is that they are easy to repair. Any damages in the form of chips require resins by a qualified technician. Since they can be repaired, composite granite worktops make a great addition to busy kitchens. No wonder composite worktops are also present in so many hospitality and retail projects too.

Benefit 6: Environmentally Friendly Options

Green homeowners will be delighted to know that the new range of composite worktops feature eco-friendly materials such as recycled glass, mirrors and other raw materials blended in with the quartz crystals. The materials forming the worktop are mixed with resins, as well as stone and the recycled materials, to form a sturdy, strong surface that looks equally mesmerizing and is equally eco-friendly as well.