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Marble or Granite?

The truth is every household, deciding to come up with a new kitchen worktop or a living room floor, finds it hard to decide whether to choose marble or granite. The confusion can be easily eradicated if someone has the right information about the stones.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from limestone going through immense pressure and very high temperature. The calcite content in the stone re-crystallizes to form a solid and harder surface. The high pressure and temperature are responsible for such textures on the surface of the stone. Marble is a luxurious choice to add to an interior decor plan. The most commonly used is white marble. Commercial kitchens are not recommended to use marble stone.


Granite, on the contrary, is an igneous rock with an excellent granular texture. The slow crystallization of the content forms a phaneritic texture admired by the modern households and commercial designs. The elegant patterns are created by the presence of feldspar and quartz. It is found in both light and dark shades. Both the materials have been used since the ancient times for indoor and outdoor applications. It becomes hard to decide in between marble or granite. My Kitchen Worktop indicates some pointers to decide which material to go with.

When durability is concerned, granite is harder than marble. Granite is also stronger than the metamorphic one. Granite is also known as the most durable among natural stones available in nature. It can easily resist wear and tear in the kitchen. Marble, on the other hand, loses colour and fades with time whereas granite shines on regular cleaning and maintenance. The shine in granite can be brought back easily. The shine of marble cannot be revived. The irreversibility of the marble tops makes it an inferior choice. In terms of applications, grey granite is better than grey marble. On the other hand, granite is cheaper than marble. The maintenance cost of marble is higher than granite as well. It requires frequent sealing, more than granite.

Marble is a metamorphic which means it is more porous than granite. Marble gets more harmed by the acidic spill such as fruit juice, strong kitchen cleaners, vinegar, etc. Granite will remain resistant to the acidic content of the dirt and stains. For an instance, if someone chooses white granite over white marble, it will be a better option as the former is acid-resistant and easily cleaned.

Granite is more freckling and grainy than marble due to the presence of feldspar, amphibole, and mica. Marble offers a cream colour or a greyish tinge along with the veins of impurities running in it. It totally depends on the kitchen worktop plan one is working with to decide a texture to go with. As per the experts of My Kitchen Worktop, granite worktops is ideal for domestic and commercial kitchen worktops.