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Natural Stone Worktops that Look Amazing With a Honed Finish

Just like choosing a worktop material, picking the right finish that suits that material is also essential. When we speak of natural stones, the finish is something that helps in dictating its functional characteristics in the most fantastic way possible.

You might have seen many natural stone worktops in a polished finish. But these natural materials also look amazing, donning a honed surface that’s slip-resistant at the same time. For example, a leather granite worktop looks subtle but intensifies the colour of the natural stones, whereas some honed finish makes the hues appear softer.

We get many questions about honed finishes, especially about its maintenance and appearance. In this article, we are going to address some essential characteristics of the non-polished finishes while automatically answering the concerns about these finishes.

How to choose a different non-polished finish for natural stones?

Honed, textured, brushed or leathered – these terms refer to the most subtle and elegant finishes. Also called “matte finish,” this typical finish gives smooth yet minimalist appeal to a surface.

When we talk about leathered granite, it has more texture with a raised relief map. On the other hand, brushed granite looks rough, but it’s still part-polished and won’t be harsh to touch. Sometimes a natural stone is not polished because of its mineral compositions. As an example, white Carrara marble can be honed due to its soft and uniform minerals that will also look great if it’s leathered or polished. Some types of stone with more busy patterns cannot be smoothed completely. Therefore, these are left honed which entails a more natural look.

There is little variation in terms of maintenance of polished, leathered and honed natural stones, other than the type of product used for their maintenance. Therefore, you can choose any desired finish depending on which one you like the most.

Different Natural Stones That Look Great with Honed Finish

Honed Granite

Absolute black honed granite worktop looks impressive in his subtle finish. Even Premium Black Granite in the brushed finish is likely to add a natural feel to your cooking space.

These black honed kitchen worktops look amazing in both traditional and non-traditional spaces, adding a dramatic touch to the interior. Likewise, Elegant Grey granite is another beautiful natural stone material to give an understated yet visually appealing look to your countertop. Such honed finishes are perfect for maximum granite surfaces with little texture. It also creates a natural and calming effect in natural patterns.

Elegant Grey Granite Honed

Elegant Grey Granite Honed

On the other hand, brown antique granite looks perfect in a leathered finish, rather than the polished sleep look. The leathered finish in this stone helps in bringing out the real texture and natural stone appearance. It may appear rough to look at, but it remains soft to touch. Another benefit of honed, brushed or leathered surface is that it cleverly masks any signs of stains. So, if there is any accidental spillage or dried spill marks, it won’t be too visible like on the polished surfaces.

Honed Marble

White honed marble worktops like Carrara Marble give the classic appearance to any given space. These white honed marble surfaces add a dramatic yet luxury touch to both traditional and contemporary spaces. Being a white surface, it also makes a given area appear more airy and spacious.

White Honed Marble Worktops

You may even choose Carrara stone in a leathered finish. Such leather marble worktops are likely to add an aristocratic touch to any cooking space or other areas where it’s installed. The decision of choosing the desired finish for marble depends on your preferences and taste.

Honed Quartzite

Even honed quartzite worktops add unique aesthetic charm to an interior. For instance, Taj Mahal Quartzite looks fantastic in both honed and leathered finishes. These finishes help in highlighting the stone’s unique colour and pattern. Moreover, the long diagonal river-like patterns on the surface add a unique character to the visually dynamic Fantasy Brown Quartzite.

Honed Quartzite Worktops

Which natural stone to choose?

Selecting marble, granite or quartzite in honed, brushed or leathered finish is the buyer’s decision. But all these finishes are a lot of fun, as one never knows how different minerals on these stones will come out to life in distinct textures and finishes. Whether you’re looking for white honed granite, marble or quartzite, make sure you spend enough time researching the material and ask the fabricator which finish will look the best on your selected natural stone.