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Neolith Estatuario: Exceptional Surfaces for Exceptional Homes

Often when thinking how to go about in producing a new interior or exterior design for any property, the work carried out isn’t always easy and/or straightforward, particularly when it comes to home improvements. One of the main reasons for this is that a home a special place which must provide the most comfort. In order to provide comfort, good aesthetics are fundamental in that they will be bringing the feeling of cosiness and pleasure. One of the most user-friendly and classy materials for interior surfaces is a natural stone such as marble, granite worktops and limestone. The issue with some natural stone types is that they are porous (meaning that they are prone to staining) and some are also soft (which makes them prone to chipping easily). Due to the above concern in modern properties, there are a range of new ultracompact products that are man-made and made too look like natural stone although these do not have the inherent issues present on marble, limestone or natural granite. Take for example, the extraordinary Neolith, which is a perfect match for clients with tastes ranging from a traditional lifestyle to modern. Neolith kitchen worktops are available in a wide range of colours to exceed your expectations. Neolith is a durable product that sustains the test of time and also takes into account external factors such as humidity, rain, heat, and cold whilst being manufactured. Neolith brings a revolution in home renovation, décor, and design. It is available in standard slab sizes with dimensions of 3250x1550mm (soon changing to 3250x1650mm which will allow users to have even larger, seamless surfaces) to inspire and offer even more flexibility in the generation of your indoor and outdoor developments. Please note its inherent lightness does not make Neolith a delicate product. You can also place hot kitchenware directly on the surface as does not burn out (comparing it to other man-made products such as quartz stone). Its superior quality also adds protection against UV rays, so your backyard garden or the front porch will look more beautiful than ever without discolouring with the passage of time. After all, the exterior design of a property is as important as its interior. Additionally, it gives a balanced touch and it offers continuity of design and pattern when applied to both of these areas.

Neolith Estatuario. Exceptional surfaces for world-class homes.

Each collection from this range is unique both in terms of their soft texture and intense radiance emitted by the surfaces. One of the most popular colours is Neolith Estatuario which contains a clean and white background. It's spectacular veins amplify the look of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even an office. With furniture in the vicinity, it appears dazzling. Estatuario was conceived with the aim of evoking the natural look of the classic Statuario marble from Italy. Since The Size (the Company who manufactures Neolith) had the opportunity to make a resembling material under industrial conditions, they have used the latest technological advances to ensure the end product is of higher standards that it’s natural stone counterpart. This applies in terms of looks (natural marble slabs vary from batch to batch and its veining may not be placed in the desired area), sizes (Statuario marble comes in small slabs which imply joints on large surfaces) and performance (natural marble may etch, stain or scratch in some applications such as kitchen worktops).

Neolith Estatuario worktops

The above image shows an undermount sink in Neolith Estatuario worktops in a polished finish by My Kitchen Worktop in London[/caption] Each application of Estatuario imparts a divine touch of luxury and allurement to the property in which it is displayed. The various colours sparkle under natural light whilst providing the impression that small areas are larger than they actually are. While at night, it provides a harmonious feeling by reflecting light from the surroundings.

Neolith Estatuario polished finish

The above image shows a worktop in Neolith Estatuario polished finish by My Kitchen Worktop in Surrey[/caption] Neolith also comes in a snow white colour which finds a natural balance to blend with other tones, in a way that the product will suit in any design style and area of your choosing. You can browse and purchase the glamorous Neolith Estatuario online, at My Kitchen Worktop.