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Neolith Porcelain - Inspired by Innovation Interiors!

Whether your house is small or large, simple or opulent, it is precious to you. It is a place where you will build a history with family, friends and share eternal memories. As such, your house must bring the feeling of comfort and peacefulness where each detail is more than just the lifestyle choice of décor.

A product with a lot of popularity among homeowners is Neolith. The speciality of this material makes it perfect for a variety of applications. The refined aspect reflects the extravagance of Neolith ceramic worktops in your residence.

It is a quality investment for a lifetime and large slab sizes are available bringing one of the dominant characteristics that make this product excel when compared to others. It helps many builders, architects and designers to choose this option when working on projects that require applications in facades, kitchen worktops, high traffic hallways, cladding, wide walls, etc. Since its inception in 2010, it has proven to be one of the most efficient new generations of surface introduced in the market worldwide.

Neolith can compose any design idea with ease, style and perfection. If you are looking for an internal innovation or just to upgrade the external surrounds of your property, the soft texture and inspiring variety of colours add sophistication with originality and creativity with a distinct touch.

What is Neolith?

The utmost quality of the natural substance is produced with a mix of three different types of materials. To assure hardness and strength, it uses the minerals of granite, like feldspar and quartz which are the most popular in construction and decoration because they are rated as some the hardest minerals found on earth. In addition, the composition includes mineral from silica that delivers more uniformity, chemical balance while the natural oxides assure the striking colour.

A modern technology finishes the proceeding of its manufacturing process by putting all these elements together under extreme pressure to create the Neolith porcelain. Recommend to read more on  - What is Neolith made of? Neolith Issues and Problems

Why is Neolith preferred over other stones?

Neolith kitchen worktops stand out today in consumer’s choice by replacing traditionally used stones such as Granite and Marble, and there’s a very good reason for this. Let us dive into these factors.

Below is a video displaying some of the features and benefits of choosing Neolith worktops:


Granite worktops and marble look stunning to the onlooker, but some types are rare materials considered expensive by many homeowners and also, they require a fair amount of maintenance which may not suit people with busy lifestyles. They can also be delicate which may not play very well with those who are a bit rough in the kitchen.  Neolith is naturally stain resistant, it doesn’t require sealing and it is unaffected by acidic foods.

A Neolith kitchen worktop is resistant to accidental scratches from knives, keys or glass objects and gives the homeowner peace of mind, knowing that no kitchen appliances and/or other objects cannot chip a Neolith surface which makes it a great use for tough conditions and the demanding tasks that may take place in a working area.

Further to the above, Neolith isn’t affected by UV rays when compared to a quartz stone which would discolour under the sun with the passage of time. This ensures Neolith can be used both indoors as well as outdoors, not only guaranteeing consistency in design throughout a property but enables users to upgrade their gardens, balconies, terraces and/or patios, becoming areas with a luxurious feel to them.


A commonly accepted reason behind the success and familiarity of Neolith is the enhanced technology at human disposal which allows its manufacturer to come up with highly implementable and ergonomic types of man-made stones that offer great aesthetic value.

New finishes such as the rusty feel of the Iron Range, the fabric finish of the Textile Range

Also, the manufacturers have uncovered the secret to creating really cool and impressive representations on the neolith that you cannot easily bypass.


Needless to say, the cost factor is also one of the driving attributes behind its fame and preference. It is affordable when taking into account the material does not require the maintenance regime that takes place with natural stone and it files within a sizeable budget. It is highly recommended for first-time homeowners because you would want to live in a dream house and feel excellent each morning. It also gives a great cost benefit over other types of stone. It is unparalleled and removes any imperfections found in natural stones.


Neolith is made up of natural products like clay, feldspar, silica and mineral oxides, all found in nature.

It comes with a solid 15-year manufacturer’s warranty providing peace of mind, reliability and sustainability.

Everything you need to know about innovating Neolith porcelain worktops?

  • A worktop, also called countertop in US English, is a flat horizontal work surface that finds its usage in kitchens, home or restaurants where food preparation takes place on a regular basis to different scales. Although it is not only limited to kitchens, it can also be installed in bathrooms, lavatories, or workrooms to name a few other areas.
  • It is installed on top of cabinets which form a strong base and offer sufficient storage unit for utensils and other objects. The worktop surface is placed at a suitable height so that is can easily be reached by a person of any height without having to stoop too low.
  • A typical worktop contains one or more of the several features spanning from functional changes, durability and aesthetic factors which can include draining grooves, a recessed drainer, or intricate edge profiles as an example.
  • A worktop is a categorised assembly unit of cabinets mounted by a continuous surface. It may or may not include a detached or discrete support structure at its base, which may vary according to the design.
  • When picking a material to be used as a Neolith worktop, some of the initial considerations to make include durability, functionality, hygiene, appearance and cost effectiveness. Worktops may also be installed on free-standing bars, dining areas, desk and table tops and other specialised working areas.
  • A worktop can be altered to accommodate sinks, stoves, cooktops, dispensers, cutting boards, integrated sinks and many other accessories.

Other qualities worth mentioning:

The product came to revolutionize the market of surfaces as it does not have restrictions of use. The only limitation is the creativity of the buyer. Neolith kitchen worktops prevent bacteria proliferation, require very low maintenance and are lightweight. The vast collection of alternatives makes it easier to coordinate it with stainless steel kitchenware, wooden furniture and other doors and window designs. The market offers alluring and creative collections that brings modernity regardless of the size of a project such as:

Neolith Estatuario

Neolith Estatuario speaks for itself when it comes to beauty and style in a clear white background with sudden, distinct veins. It provides fashionable yet timeless touch for your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and any other workspace. The light colour surface makes the room look more spacious and cosy due to the radiance hue.

Neolith Estatuario

Neolith Calacatta

Neolith Calacatta brings charm through fine veins with an elegant golden touch that runs throughout the surfaces of the slabs. It contains a peculiar bright white contrast which matches with any other colour in the space where it is present. Each slab owns attributes that inspire designers all over the world and is available at reasonable prices. It comes in standard 12mm thickness for worktops applications and it is also available in thicknesses starting as low as 3mm which suit any cladding application that requires a lightweight yet luxurious material.

Neolith Calacatta

Additional tips prior to committing in making a purchase:

When it comes to decorating, choosing the right surface is crucial, especially when it comes to worktops which require hygienic materials.

One of the main reasons for this is that these are the areas where all the food preparation takes place. It is also necessary for the chosen surface to provide high resistant to heat and scratches, because it is where the kitchen appliances and tools such as knifes, hot bowls and containers are disposed. Further to this, before buying it is crucial to take some precautions with Neolith whether is it to be used with an internal or external application.

Sufficient research- Buying Neolith is not like buying a random product on the internet. It is always thrilling to carry out some research when it comes to acquiring something new that fulfils all your needs, but the excitement should not take over common sense.

It is not different for a space décor because Neolith is not only fabulous but something that has become more than a necessity to improve people’s lifestyles. People are often inspired by home improvements tips, but never judge a book by its cover.

To achieve quality, a deep research is fundamental as it will help avoiding potential regrets in the future. Always take your priorities into considerations and don’t take for granted only what you see in magazine or Internet. Finding consistency between all details such as ensuring you will have a high quality product and authentic service supplier is the key to achieving quality on budget for your project.

Take the spacial awareness into consideration- Adjustments made due to incorrect workspace measures may lead to financial loss and/or imperfect designs. Please ensure you have written down the correct dimensions across all rooms to avoid wastage of material. Further to this, we always recommend hiring a professional to measure up for your worktops as they will have the experience required for allowances such as imperfect walls, bends, etc. Lastly, It is highly imperative to have a fixed place to accommodate your new Neolith worktop, since they are very difficult to be removed it is not removable.

Observe trends- It is common to feel attracted to the newest trends in kitchen design out there. Home improvements and renovations can have the burden of a true obsession when it comes to your sacred place. After all, a home or office is where you tend to spend most times of your life. But it is worth remembering that as much as a new trend is attractive, you should always be selective and certain that the chosen material is the perfect according the space specification.

Taking a smart home improvement decision does not require expertise but conduct a thorough research above all. Time and patience puts information together from a variety of sources. You may consider take advice from local experts. Some Companies may also offer technical assistance at no cost which may come in handy before making a big purchase. It may shed light on different aspects of Neolith for your space remodelling and improvement.

Where to find it?

Neolith suppliers are available at one click on your computer such as My Kitchen Worktop who deliver not only reliable product with unmatched quality but also offer installation service based on the client’s interests, requirements and decisions.