Project Highlights: Nando's Marble of South Africa Chain of Restaurants in UK

Marble of South Africa Chain of restaurants

My Kitchen Worktop supplies marble for Nando's branches in the UK

Nando’s, the famed restaurant that we know today with a chain of restaurants across the globe had its humble beginnings in the year 1987. They first opened doors to their customers in Rosettenville, Johannesburg, South Africa and have since then, made their mark across the world. Being recognized as a brand name came easy to this place which is known for two things, the chicken and the chain’s “family feel”.

Gradually, in the years since their inception as a popular chain in the UK in 1992, they have risen to being one of the most well-known South African chain of restaurants in the country. Their origin story is however a mix of a simple tale of two friends walking into a restaurant called Chickenland, eating the “best chicken they’d ever tasted” and then promptly buying it and renaming it Nando’s after one of their owners Fernando and two, the story of the Barcelos cockerel that signifies faith, justice and good fortune.

Interestingly, this cockerel has also become the logo for this popular brand. Nando’s has taken pride in serving chicken to their loyal customers, especially the Peri-Peri chicken and brought about a feeling of eating out unparalleled by other competitors in this space.

Nandos Logo


The Design

The professionals over at HCM interiors have done a fabulous job by creating a design which not only allows the eatery to stand out in its intake of the cultural roots they have risen from but also to introduce fresh lines leading to a contemporary feel. The laid back feel of the South African chain has been retained but the interiors have been worked by them in a way that allows an intermingling of Nando’s in its UK neighbourhood.

The rusticity of the restaurant has been considered one of its charms and married with beautiful walls, gorgeous countertops to bring about a modern twist. The grey marble used for the countertops works to highlight the tonality of  other interior aspects, which ultimately work to compliment this space.

HCM Interiors have ensured that the décor be a breath of fresh air by producing a simple theme. The brick laid walls when put against the warm toned floor boards and the eye-catching emerald green splashback of the kitchen really makes for an appetizing sight.

The worktops are made with Emperador grey marble and  My Kitchen Worktop produced striking long pieces with mitred built up edge detail which offers  chunky surfaces with robust feel.  When put together with the rest of the interior, they make for a brilliant resto-bar setting.

Nemperador Grey marble

Furniture and Fittings

First and foremost, what had to be considered is that the interior has to be set keeping in mind that this is a restaurant. So, the finished space has to have a widespread appeal and a distinct welcoming charm. When HCM Interiors, the architecture and design consultants on this product approached My Kitchen Worktop regarding the stone for the countertops, the answer was clear.

They wanted smooth yet clean lines for their countertops that did not take away from the whole flow of the design and definitely should not be a distraction from the highlight of Nando’s, the food. So, we suggested they try a beautiful grey Italian marble that originates from Novelda, Spain. The stone has a slight grey background with subtle accents of white and dark patches as well which gives it its unique character.

This particular marble type is sleek and trendy which makes it an appropriate choice for this particular project and for many other such projects in general. The texture does not throw off an obvious sheen that marble has and thus, makes for the perfect match when we consider the dimly lit mood setting.

Emperador Grey marble

As judged by these images, the grey countertops work beautifully in combination with the wood and brick accented interiors and benches. This is also what leads to the old world charm that the design consultants were looking to recreate.

Further, the marble is the ideal surface for both the kitchen countertops as well as the tables. The dark tone of the countertops when combined with the floorboards is incredibly successfully in not weighing down or clubbing the space in the eatery. Instead, it allows in setting the tone for the amazing food that Nando’s belts out every day.

HCM Interiors in association with My Kitchen Worktop has been successful in creating the perfect ambience for a casual night out with the most delicious chicken.

Emperador Grey marble of South africa chain of restaurants




Advantages of using marble countertops

One of the foremost advantages of working with marble worktops and why My Kitchen Worktop receives so many queries for them is because of the fact that each marble has a story to tell with its unique tone and accent.

Emperador Grey marble

They are heat resistant which means that food can be served on the surface without having to worry about damage from the heat.
The grey Emperador marble will succeed in hiding all minor scratches as well as consistently resist all kinds of damage including yellowing. My Kitchen Worktop offers premium quality marble with durability that withstands all exposure.

Emperador Grey marble

We are proud to have been their number one choice for marble supply in UK by HCM Interiors. My Kitchen Worktop believe in playing to our strengths by offering the customer premium quality at competitive prices. Our business also excels in providing custom counter and worktop solutions as well as professional installation practices.

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