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Quartzite is here to stay! What is it?

A metamorphic rock formed after heating of sandstone within the earth surfaces, Quartzite is a natural stone that has beautiful streaks of colours, rich tones and beautiful patterns on its surface. A range of colours are available, from brown to yellow to greens and blues.

Amongst the quartzite varieties, the white ones are the most popular, although the others are slowly catching up as well as great choices for use as kitchen and bathroom countertop materials.

The most well loved choices for Quartzite Kitchen worktops in London sold by My Kitchen Worktop are :-

  1. White Macaubas, which has an elegant translucent white or grey background with darker blue or grey vein patterns

White Macaubas

2. Madreperola, that looks similar to marble in its texture and veining


3. Taj Mahal, a translucent naturally toned stone

Taj Mahal

4. Golden Macaubas, a moderately veined popular beige-to-orange stone

Golden Macaubas

Care must be taken to differentiate between the hard and soft quartzite when choosing what best suits the use as Quartzite worktops. Materials should be sourced from reliable suppliers like My Kitchen Worktop who have experience in its perfect installation as well.

Advantages of Quartzite

A unique stone that is incredibly beautiful due to its wonderful tone and variety, quartzite’s biggest advantage is that its natural tones and varieties lend it an elegant and timeless grace and appeal to make it a perfect fit in all types of kitchens and bathrooms. While cross cut quartzite have diagonal lines that give them an organic appeal, vein cut versions of the natural stone have linear streaks that make give off a contemporary vibe.

Like with any other stone, some care needs to be taken to avoid prolonged heat exposure that can cause problems at its surface. This is easily rectifiable by using trivets and stands for hot pans and pots to protect the quartzite counters.

Maintenance of Quartzite

Maintenance practices vary depending upon the type chosen for the Quartzite Kitchen worktops in London and other areas. Some varieties of the stone do not require sealing each year, some which do not need to be sealed ever and some which need sealing on a regular basis. This variation in behaviour is courtesy its naturally developed properties.

To keep the counters clean, spills should be mopped up quickly and care should be taken when handling grease and food with a high acid content on the surface. Use of a mild PH neutral spray disinfectant and quick wipe down with soft, damp cloth is all the regular care it needs.

Check out the entire range of quartzite worktops in London and UK offered by My Kitchen Worktop for use as countertops in kitchens and bathrooms at https://mykitchenworktop.co.uk/ and let us know your favourite amongst the various colours of the quartzite bestsellers in the comments below.