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See the new colours of Cambria Quartz 2020

Cambria Quartz is the industry leader in offering premium quartz countertops that mimic the aesthetics of natural marble or granite. These natural stone-inspired quartz worktops have been preferred by many designers and homeowners who don’t like the flaws of granite due to its porous surface.

In 2020, the well-known Quartz brand is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with the announcement of new colours of Cambria quartz. With the launch of these brand new colours, the company aims to enable customers to rethink the design of their living spaces.

For anyone who adores simplicity with a touch of luxury, this new collection has so many creative surface designs for their home or commercial spaces. With their exceptional designs and outstanding durability due to the presence of the purest natural quartz found on the earth’s crust, Cambria has again proven that they’re here for the long haul and nothing is going to stop them.

Can’t hold on to the excitement? Well, here’s a list of some of the mind-blowing new colours of Cambria quartz UK collection 2020:

1. Cambria Oakmoor Quartz: Oakmoor Cambria quartz boasts a creamy beige background with subtle brown veining pattern. This worktop surface is excellent for offering natural aesthetics of marble to any given space, along with the practicality of quartz. It is excellent for installing in bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, utility rooms and living rooms. This slab is available in dimensions of 3360x1660mm, which enables homeowners to create an original design without any seams and joints.

2. Cambria Nevern Quartz: Cambria Nevern Quartz also feature a creamy background but with a combination of lighter and darker beige veining pattern on the surface. It also includes some random black dotted patterns scattered all over its surface to mimic the natural aesthetics of marble-like Breccia Aurora or Crema Marfil marble. Its natural aesthetics reminds us of the beauty of marble and granite found in watertight, marine ribs and seaside landscapes.

3. Cambria Minera Quartz: Cambria Minera Quartz is another brilliantly engineered stone from the latest collection. It has a mid-grey solid backdrop and minimal hints of white, black and silver tones on its surface. It will cater as a jewel in any kitchen space, bathroom, utility room, flooring or living room. It’s incredible to see how effortlessly this quartz worktop design mimics the unique and striking appearance of natural stones only found in the deepest part of earth’s crust.

4. Cambria Hollinsbrook Quartz: Want to bring home the aesthetics of natural marble with the strength of quartz? Cambria Hollinsbrook quartz is a great option. This stunning worktop slab features a black backdrop with a beautiful veining effect that combines striking golden dots and white tones in random patterns. This quartz surface mimics the original Imperial Light or Marron Emperador marble.

Cambria Hollinsbrook

5. Cambria Laneshaw Quartz: This is another beautiful engineered stone belonging to the new Cambria worktops collection. It features a minimalist dark brown background with rich cream and beige graining effect arranged in a unique pattern to bring aesthetics of natural granite and marble into any modern interior. It could be a kitchen, bathroom, living room or any other indoor space.

Cambria Laneshaw quartz vanity top hotel lobby

6. Cambria Huntley Quartz: This quartz worktop has been characterised for boasting a lively surface with stunning accents of grey, black and brown on the minimal creamy white backdrop. This Cambria quartz worktop will surely impress your family, friends and other guests with its unique impact on the interior.

cambria huntley bathroom surfaces

7. Cambria Rosedale Quartz: For anyone who loves the classic combination of black and white, this contrasting quartz worktop is a great addition to their kitchen space, bathroom or any other area.

cambria rosedale kitchen worktops

8. Cambria Skara Brae Quartz: This Cambria quartz is known for mimicking the appearance of natural off-white marble with gorgeous black veining patterns and tints of olive hue scattered throughout its surface. It is an excellent worktop surface for adding timeless appeal and functionality to any interior.

cambria skara brae quartz kitchen island

9. Cambria Mayfair Quartz: This worktop surface is known to provide the resistance and durability of granite to any kitchen without any need for sealing or coating. Moreover, it offers fantastic aesthetics to any desired space with its interlaced blotches in baby blue and navy blue tones with a black peppering effect on a calming creamy-white background.

cambria mayfair quartz worktops

10. Cambria Islington Quartz: This noteworthy Cambria quartz worktop is likely to turn heads wherever it’s installed. It boasts an opaque grey backdrop with elegant blotches of blue and navy hues all over its surface, making it an excellent slab for modern and airy living space.

cambria islington bar countertops