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The 10 Most Popular Black Quartz Stones in 2017 in the UK that Look Like Marble [Interiors]

Quartz stones represent a new-era of surfaces that dazzle the market without a fail. While the United Kingdom is a home to many new trends, these 10 most popular black quartz stones made the top of the list in 2017. Let's see what they are and why they became so popular in the country.

1. Silestone Charcoal Soapstone

With its dominating white colour in the base and grey-golden veining, Charcoal Soapstone exhibits multiple shades of grey that gives it a classic and pure appeal. Like all Silestone surfaces, this stone is resistant to impacts and scratches.

Silestone Charcoal Soapstone

2. Compac Unique Marquina

Unique Marquina quartz stone is a high-quality product that resists the test of time while remaining physically strong. If grey is your colour then Unique Marquina is a compatible choice for worktops, floors, staircases and bathrooms.

Compac Unique Marquina

3. Caesarstone Vanilla Noir

Vanilla Noir has a black base along with subtle veining in vanilla. Out of Caesarstone's Classic Collection, the Supernatural range embodies this magnificent stone that immediately binds any onlooker with its gracious beauty.

Caesarstone Vanilla Noir

4. Compac Ice Black

Part of the Arik Levy's Genesis Collection, Compac Ice Black quartz was featured as a centrepiece at the Lavoe Restaurant, which is one of the top 50 best restaurants in the world. Compac Ice Black is a new concept in quartz surfaces, with a unique gloss and explosive veins as a reinterpretation of Genesis.

Compac Ice Black

5. Cambria Sharpham

This engineered quartz stone has a dark backdrop and stunning veining in white that draws a random pattern. Cambria Sharpham quartz is a product that is perfectly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, among other areas.

Cambria Sharpham

6. Unistone Java Black

Another marvel of quartz surfaces comes in the form of Unistone Java Black that embodies the beauty of a natural stone but the strength of an engineered surface. It offers a lifetime of beauty with minimal care and compatibility with any choice of lifestyle from traditional to contemporary.

Unistone Java Black

7. Compac Portoro

With an all-black base, Compac Portoro displays white veins on a quartz surface that produces beautiful colours on each section of the slab due to the presence of resins. It does not absorb water, which means, application in kitchens and bathrooms is never going to be a problem. Another plus of Compac Portoro quartz is that is made with Bio resins which uses vegetables instead polymer which helps maintaining our environment.

Compac Portoro

8. Cambria Hollinsbrook

Hollinsbrook has a pitch black base and white veins and randomly scattered golden specks. It ignites creativity and brings aesthetic value to its surroundings. Cambria quartz has re-launched an exquisite range of products in the UK in 2017 and is here to stay; bringing the finest quartz materials with artisan finishes which makes it different from the competition.

Cambria Hollinsbrook

9. Silestone Eternal Marquina

On a pitch black base and white veining etched over the surface, Eternal Marquina restores balance with sensibility while reinforcing the strength of a quartz surface. Launched in 2017 as part of the Eternal Collection of quartz which is based on natural marble, Silestone Eternal Marquina will make waves in 2018.

Silestone Eternal Marquina

10. CRL Quartz Chestnut

CRL Quartz Chestnut by CR Laurence, who has been trading for over a century and that has launched their range of quartz products at the end of 2016, is one of the most glamorous and luxurious stones ever seen in the British markets. It is scratch, heat and stain resistant and never needs a sealing. Also, you can ask for a polished or honed finish to use it as a worktop. It imparts a marble-like effect but provides access to easy cleaning. What makes CRL quartz Chestnut special is the random array of veining with a golden tint on a deepest black surfaces.

CRL Quartz Chestnut