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What are the New Porcelanosa Xtone Worktops?

Porcelanosa Xtone worktops are large porcelain slabs, created to add elegance, sophistication and functionality to any style of home. This high-performance worktop material includes sintered porcelain, along with pure minerals, which are compacted using some of the advanced technologies.

Porcelanosa worktops come with a multitude of benefits and are manufactured to perform better than marble, granite and other stone surfaces. They are also easy-to-maintain, whilst being highly resistant to heat, stains, burns, scratching, thermal shock, UV rays and water.

Porcelanosa Worktops

Advantages of XTONE

Due to the advanced sintered mineral composition, including some of the purest natural minerals, Porcelanosa Xtone has some fantastic technical properties of avant-garde ceramics. This worktop surface boasts various advantages, such as:

Xtone is a hygienic worktop material due to its non-porous surface. All thanks to this feature, Porcelanosa ceramic worktops cannot spread bacteria or fungi. Therefore, this material is perfect for areas in direct contact with food. It is also waterproof with negligible liquid absorption. This also makes it resistant to stains and very easy to clean.

Porcelanosa London is UV-resistant as well as resistant to frost, ice and heat. That makes it ideal for outdoor applications without fading or showing any signs of ageing or damage due to changing weather conditions. With a thickness of 12 mm, Porcelanosa Xtone boasts unsurpassed bending strength. Hence, it’s durable and resistant to impact and scratches.


You can find Porcelanosa slabs in a wide range of colours, ranging from white, beige, neutral and grey to black tones. Depending on the size of the tile, this material also comes in various thicknesses. For example, you can find Xtone slabs in these sizes: 1540 × 3280 mm with a diameter of 12 mm or 1500 × 1500 mm, with a depth of 9 mm. Besides, Xtone worktops are customisable and can be adjusted or adapted according to the needs of an individual. Therefore, it offers creative freedom and reliability as well. This also makes it ideal for different areas of living space, such as the worktop, sculpture, staircase or bench.

Different Porcelanosa Colours for Sprucing up Morden Homes:

There are many different collections that are themed by Xtone. Each group boasts stunning colours and designs which are inspired in different type of materials. However, some fashionable hues to consider from Xtone range for your urban dwelling are as follows:

  • Moon White: The striking yet subtle Moon White Porcelanosa kitchen worktops is likely to add uniformity to any interior. It combines modern sintered stone technology with the timeless look of classic white surfaces. You can use this product in both interior or exterior applications.

Moon White

  • Nuba White: Nuba White boasts a grey and black veining pattern on a white backdrop. Hence, it adds marble-like aesthetics and visual depth to an interior. Inspired in Italian stones such as Statuario marble and Arabescato marble, Xtone offers superior performance features with realistic looks. Not only that Xtone Nuba White worktop surfaces don’t require sealants, but they can also be cleaned with general household products.

Nuba White

  • Kala White: Mimicking marble with clear grey veining effects, Kala White adds timeless finesse to existing kitchen decor. Xtone Kala White is inspired in Italian marbles such as Statuario and its ‘Extra’ varieties which are known for its bold veining on a pure white backdrop. This is an exquisite worktop material that is sure to elevate the status of any space in which it is applied.

Kala White

  • Aged Clay: Aged Clay recreates the visual charm of sandy grey Calcific marble on the grainy but uniform backdrop. In contrast with natural limestone, this product won’t etch when exposed to acidic elements nor it will stain with coloured liquids and/or foods. This makes it ideal for applications in kitchens and bathrooms as well as other demanding areas of any property.

Aged Clay

  • Porto Grey: This Xtone colour draws influence from Portobello Quartzite and Bianco Eclipse Quartzite types, which have a greyish criss-cross veining effect. Different from natural quartzite, Xtone Porto Grey is a lightweight material that can be fabricated and installed with ease. This means that you will be able to apply this stone to areas in which heavy quartzite may to allow it due to it sheer weight per square metre.

Porto Grey

  • Liem Dark: Boasting tobacco-grey marble-like hue, this worktop material has a unique versatility that can turn any dull space dramatic and visually appealing. Xtone Liem Dark is inspired in dark stones such as Grey Marquina marble and Graffiti Marble.

Liem Dark

  • Liem Black: This supreme black-toned marble is perfect for those who like the dramatic dark theme in the kitchen. It boasts white veins on the black backdrop to add a sophisticated touch to an interior.

Lime Black

  • Bottega Caliza: It is a beige coloured worktop that can add soft and natural warmth to any given interior – be it a kitchen, living room, or outdoor patio. Whilst offering the natural looks of Caliza limestone, Bottega Caliza by Xtone goes a step further. It dares to offer a limestone-based stone that can be used indistinctively in kitchens and bathrooms as well as in exterior areas.

Bottega Caliza

  • Bottega Acero: This worktop is available in a wide range of colours, showcasing a mixture of warm and cold, intense and subtle, dark and light, hues that add a dramatic feel to an interior. It is inspired in the metallic effect from Steel, by offering a non-porous material that is highly resistant to staining, scratches and accidental impact.

Bottega Acero