Which are the New Dekton Worktop Colours for 2019?

Are you looking forward to remodeling your kitchen decor with the latest design trends? Dekton has introduced the new colours in its industrial range that is highly resistant to UV-rays, staining, scratches, chipping, and impact. Here are the new Dekton colours for 2019 that are added to the industrial collection for meeting contemporary style with superior visual aesthetics. Dekton Laos: Influenced by industrial materials, Dekton Laos is one of the popular Dekton colours depicting transgressive display of cement. It comes in dark brown colour that highlights the weathered structure while reinterpreting industrial design. Its aesthetic appearance boasts golden tones and grey veining that look stunning in most avant-garde settings. Also, in case you didn’t know, Dekton Laos is stain-proof rather than just stain resistant. Every mark will come off easily from the surfaces with household cleaners. rather than with specialist stone products. The product is made by combining quartz, porcelain, glass, and other raw materials. The resulting surface is ultra-compact and highly resistant to scratches, UV-rays, freeze, heat, and staining. Therefore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, its high abrasion resistance makes it ideal for demanding areas such as worktops and floors. Once you have installed Laos, the material will last forever. Similarly, you will never need to re-finish nor re-surface any Dekton materials.

Dekton Laos

Dekton Soke: It is influenced by the colour of classic cement. Its surface boasts realistic cracks that seem to subtly integrate into its detailed background. The grainy base forms a unique blend of perfection using versatile grey colours. Unlike natural cement, Dekton Soke is non-porous and doesn’t absorb moisture or water that spills onto its surface. If you are thinking of using this product in the kitchen, it will work perfectly. Soke will withstand high temperatures without presenting any issue. In addition, you can drag the pots and pans directly on to the surface without having to worry about damages. Similarly, being highly resistant to impact, stains and scratches, this ultra-compact and lightweight material comes with an additional 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.

Dekton Soke

Dekton Kreta: It is also inspired by traditional cement flooring and appears calm while sustaining its uniform and restrained layout. The light and dark areas create a visually-appealing look to its density of multiple grains. The matte texture of this greyish colour is perfect for any contemporary interior decor. Aside from great aesthetics, Dekton Kreta is highly resistant to UV-rays, stains, and scratches. Hence, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, the product is thermal shock proof from both extreme cold and high heat. Not only you can use Dekton Kreta near by hob and oven in the kitchen, but you can also use it as floorings and steps in the garden. Likewise, if you wanted to continue your designs outside, this product would allow you to do just that too.

Dekton Kreta

Dekton Milar: Reminiscent to dark limestone and marble, this worktop surface boasts dark brown backdrop and contrasting light brown mottles. Dekton Milar is an ideal surface for anyone looking for marble but with practically no maintenance. This light-weight material is perfect for humid places, such as wet rooms and bathrooms, due to its non-porous nature. Apart from being highly resistant to UV rays, this durable surface has a low thermal expansion. Similarly, it is resistant to thermal shocks, high heat, and freezing. It even has high abrasion resistance, making it it easy to work on it without the need for protective coating or sealants. You can choose any colour from the Industrial Collection, including Millar in both tile and slab formats. The slabs have dimensions of 3200x1440mm which is ideal to make big panels and kitchen islands. Tiles are available in several formats and thicknesses reaching dimensions of up to 1400x1400mm.

Dekton Milar

Milar is an ideal choice for someone looking for durability while offering continuity to both interiors and exteriors. It can be decorated with complementary materials in similar colours and textures to give continuous appeal to the interior without going over-the-top. Meanwhile, it is fire resistant and hence, can be used in areas where you light up bonfires or prepare the barbecue. The Dekton Industrial Collection was launched in 2017 and is inspired in traditional building products used in decoration. In contrast with materials such as cement, concrete and others, Dekton offers a surface that is both practical and easy to clean.