Quartzite Worktops for Kitchens, Bathroom & Flooring

Quartzite is a stone composed by crystallized quartz grains (sandstone in its original form) with a unique, glassy appearance. It brings your space the best out of marble and granite. In addition to having the look of marble, the stone provides you with the strength of granite. If you are looking for veins and swirls but prefer a lower maintenance stone, a quartzite worktop is the best option for you.

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This beautiful natural stone is highly resistant to cracks and weathering. Also, it is the third-strongest stone in the planet. You can source it in a wide array of colours and patterns. As a matter of fact, quartzite can occur in almost every imaginable shade and colour. Not only is this a sturdy stone, but also a material with striking appearance. If you are not sure whether you prefer quartzite or quartz, we are here to explain quartzite’s main features.

The quartzite worktops designed by My Kitchen Worktop have been the cynosure of all eyes for some time now. Regardless of whether they are purchased in the form of quartzite worktops for homes, or as other quartzite products to enhance the value of commercial properties, they never cease to leave their mark. Have you been thinking of remodelling your kitchen or building it from scratch? The quartzite worktops in our exhaustive product catalogues should make it to your wish list without fail.